When it comes to protein sources for body recovery and building, we may think they are all the same. But for me, X-REAL's clean plant protein is the only choice that helps me recover swiftly from intense training sessions. With its optimal nutrient composition and suitable antioxidants, I have been able to push my physical limits further than ever before. 


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Age31 Year

Sports TribesRunning, Cycling, Swimming

Based InChiang Mai , Nakhon Ratchasima

Best Races Records

World Mountain and Trail Running Championship 2021 – short trail 40km – 79th male world ranking


Favorite Flavour

Chocolate, large size ones.

How I take my X-REAL?

Normally, I mix one sachet of X-REAL with blended vegetable and fruit smoothies every morning. Loading up on protein in an appropriate amount during the first meal of the day helps enhance our energy expenditure.

On days of intense training, such as tempo runs or long-distance runs, I mix X-REAL with my drinking water and consume it as an additional boost within one hour after the workout. This aids in rapid body recovery, ensuring readiness for the next day' s training session.

Workout Goals

Personally, I view exercise as one of the activities that can showcases the true potential of the human body the most. It never fails to surprise me every time I surpass my own limits. Above all else, finding joy in physical activity is the core principle that guides me throughout this journey of exploration.

Past Competitions

NavyFrog trail challenges - 25 km (2nd overall)

CM6 - CM2 (1st overall)

Ultra trail Doi Muser - 65km (2nd overall)

The westwind trail - 60 km (1st overall)

Cuestra X-trail - 75km (2nd overall)