Green Packaging Roadmap

Wrap Packaging

  • Many wonder why don't you use jar as packaging?

    We used to think it was the most environmentally friendly option because it can be reused. However, in reality, transporting jars releases more carbon emissions compared to sachets. Let us give you the clear picture: when shipped by sea, jars require more space and more number of cargos, resulting in energy waste and difficulty to degrade.

  • The best option available now?

    We have opted for sachet packaging to make it easier to collect, recycle for maximizing waste reduction.

  • Where are we heading?

    We aim for packaging that is biodegradable with excellent quality to preserve our products.

Packaging Boxes

Our eco-friendly packaging boxes are unbleached, dye-free, and carry more than just goods, but also carry educational opportunities.

1 Box = 10 Satang ( Thai cent) donated to Saturday School Foundation

มาคืนซองเปล่ากันเยอะๆ น้า

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Every sachet /box can be sent to X-REAL for proper sorting.

Send it back to us or to recycling centers directly to reduce waste and turn them into wins.