Acne breakouts caused from whey protein consumption may partially caused by hormones and other components found in dairy sources. X-REAL’s plant-based protein is derived from plant sources and includes a blend of Thai herbs and fruits helps reduce inflammation. Rest assured, you can enjoy X-REAL without concerns about pimples.

X-REAL focuses on promoting lifelong enjoyment in physical activities. We combine knowledge and sciences from both Western and Eastern practices, creating a unique approach known as Sport Anti-Aging to slow down aging process and provide holistic well-being for people with active lifestyles. Our X-REAL Plant Protein Isolate & BCAA formula is specifically designed for recovery and muscle building, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We carefully select plant-based proteins, along with Thai herbs and essential minerals, in optimal quantities to support the needs of active individuals.

1 -2 sachets per day, depending on your weights and the intensity of physical activities performed.

Not recommended as the amount of protein that can be absorbed and utilized per meal has its limitations, typically around 30-32 grams per meal based on studies. Therefore, consuming 1 sachet per serving would yield better results.

The sediment is a natural occurrence in protein-based products. It can occur when the product is left to settle, as proteins may not remain uniformly mixed at all times. However, when shaken or mixed again, the proteins will blend back together, and the product can be consumed as usual.

The bloating may be caused by the high amount of plant-based protein in X-REAL, which some individuals may not be accustomed to. It is recommended to reduce the intake by half initially and gradually increase to one sachet per day once the bloating subsides. Alternatively, consuming X-REAL alongside Soygurt can help facilitate digestion with the assistance of probiotics so the body can adjust to it.

The mild sweetness in X-REAL comes from stevia extract, which is added in very small amounts to minimize any lingering sweetness that is inherent to stevia

The term “non-dairy creamer ( literal translation is fake cream)” in Thailand may not align with the English term “creamy,” which refers to cream and does not imply whether it’s real or fake. The Thai understanding associates “non-dairy creamer” with trans fats, leading to concerns about its use. However, in reality, trans fats typically found in non-dairy creamers are a result of the use of non-saturated fats such as soybean oil, which can easily produce trans fats after being processed. In X-REAL, alternative creams derived from high-quality coconut oil are used, which contain high saturated fats. As a result, the trans fats formation is very unlikely, making X-REAL a trustworthy product to consume.

 It is possible to replace meals with X-REAL to aid in weight loss. However, it is important to ensure that each meal provides a minimum of 200 kilocalories to meet your nutritional and energy needs per meal. You can consider incorporating other food items such as various types of milk, for instance.

The answers above are provided by Dr. Ekkasit Lalitsuradet, Pharm.D
Deputy Director, Innovation Department, Sense Innovation Research Institute

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