X-REAL, a plant-based protein made from natural ingredients, plays an important role in helping me recover, strengthen, and boost my body's performance from training. It is a key puzzle piece in my life as an athlete. 


Blog X-REAL Troop


Age32 Year

Sports TribesTriathlon, Swimming, Cycling, Running under Bearscrew Team

Based InBangkok, Bang-mod District, Phra-ram 2

Best Races Records

2 Times Ironman 70.3 World Championships


Favorite Flavour

Cocoa, small sachet ones as they are compactable and convenient to drink.

How I take my X-REAL?

After intense workouts, days with long training hours, and within a week after a race, I consume 1 sachet of X-REAL.

If I have more time, I enjoy blending it with bananas and soy milk. And, I simply mix it with plain water when time is limited.

Workout Goals

My life goal is to live a fulfilling life by pursuing what I love, alongside my family and loved ones.
When it comes to fitness, my goal is to improve both my physical and mental well-being and never stop working out.

Past Competitions

Finisher ironman70.3 World Championships Utah 2022

1st age group ironman 70.3 Danang vietnam 2022

Finisher Ironman70.3 World Championships Nice 2019