X-REAL boosts up the effectiveness of my daily trainings, leading to improved performance. It facilitates quick and efficient body recovery, allowing me to excel in my training. 


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Age36 Year

Sports TribesTriathlon

Based InI'm from Phuket

Best Races Records

Amazing race fastival Phattalung 2022 No. 1 Overall Triathlon Super Sprint x2


Favorite Flavour

Actually I liked both flavours, they tasted nice in a different way. I also liked the packaging, the sachet one as they are convenients to carry when I trained.

How I take my X-REAL?

On rest days, 1 sachet of X-REAL before bedtime to enhance body recovery during sleep.

On training days, 1 sachet of X-REAL immediately after each session.

The day before a race, 1 sachet before bedtime.

On race day, if it's a long-distance race, I mix a sachet, leave it in the Transition area and drink it during the run. This helps my body recover during the latter half of the race.

After the race, I replenish with 1 sachet of X-REAL immediately and another one before going to bed. This allows me to wake up ready for the next day training.

Workout Goals

My life goal is to create a well-balanced life where I can achieve harmony between family, work, and lifestyle without compromising any aspect. The ultimate destination is “happiness.” For health goals, I would say a strong, healthy body. Additionally, I aspire to participate in a World Championship competition someday.

Past Competitions

TOA Triathlon Sai Krataak No.2 Weight category

NAVY Triatholon Phuket - Phang-Nga No.2 Age Category

Andaman Triathlon Phuket 2020 No.1 Weight category (Sprint)

Laguna Phuket Triathon 2018 No.5(for Thai nationality)

Laguna Phuket Triathon 2020 No. 7 Age Category

Sattahip Triathlon 2018 No.4 Age Category

Trang Triathlon 2018 No.2 Age Category

Trang Triathlon 2019 No.4 Age Category

Sichon Triathlon 2019 No.4 Age Category

Biathlon Phuket 2021 No.1 Age Category

Toyota Ironman70.3 Bangsean 2020 No.8(For Thai nationality)

Amazing race fastival Phattalung 2022 No.1 Overall Super sprint x2

Krabi Triathlon 2022 No.1Age Category