X-REAL, based on my personal definition is "A real buddy." It stands by us everywhere, ready to go through any situation, and provides warmth and comfort. Just like the phrase "If you have a friend who is ready to do crazy things with you, you have everything." X-REAL as the best buddy understands our need for recovery, which really matters for individuals living an active lifestyle, from practicing sports( to the crazy extreme) to giving our all at work. The best thing is this buddy is fully packed with all nutrients in one place. 


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Age30 Year

Sports TribesTrail Running, Triathlon

Based InBangkok, and you may find me at swimming pools in Saraburi or Korat.

Best Races Records

In the TPT 20K Night race, I placed 2nd overall in the female category and 10th overall, leading the race from the start until the last 2 kilometers, where I was overtaken during a long downhill section (which lasted 4 Kms before the finish line) as I was afriad of injury.

This race was the first time I used X-REAL before competing. Surprisingly, I didn’t experience frequent muscle cramps as before, making the uphill sections much more enjoyable. Also, it was my first nighttime race, which was even more exciting. I was so thrilled with the results that I had to reach out to the owner of X-REAL and let them know how WOW their protein is. It truly made a difference.


Favorite Flavour

Original, perfect with cold water, no strong protein smell. Easy to consume, I find it slightly less sweet than cocoa. For a refreshing option before a workout, I choose Cocoa blended with strawberry. The combination of sour and sweet flavors blends perfectly.

How I take my X-REAL?

For races: Before a race, I take 1 sachet of X-REAL before going to bed the night before and make sure to stay hydrated. This helps with easy bowel movements in the morning, as I used to struggle with it before races. Additionally, I consume 1 sachet of X-REAL and half a tube of honey (about 60 grams) about 20-15 minutes before the race starts. During the race, I focus on refill electrolytes and fruits at checkpoints, as I prefer to race without carrying heavy items. After the race, I immediately take 1 sachet of X-REAL before main meal and look for fruits with high antioxidant properties to include (I'm concerned about my skin and wrinkles.)

For training sessions: I usually train in the evening or at night. Before training, I have a light snack like a banana or a small meal to fuel my stomach. After training, I take 1 sachet of X-REAL along with a salad or fruits, depending on my daily needs. In case I'm hungry or don't have time for a proper meal before training, or if I gotta train soon so I can't eat heavy, I choose to have 1 sachet of X-REAL right before training along with electrolytes. It's easily digested and gentle to the stomach, allowing me to train intensely right away.

Rest days: On rest days, I don't consume X-REAL. I normally have one rest day per week so I take a real break and just eat whatever I want.

Workout Goals

I thrive on challenging my abilities, finding joy in competition, and strategizing to achieve my goals. It’s even more exhilarating when I venture into sports that I’m not naturally inclined towards, as it opens up opportunities to try new things and gain a deeper understanding. Sports enrich both my physical and mental well-being, bringing happiness and a sense of camaraderie with fellow athletes in the sports community.

Past Competitions

The Yao Yai Trail 2022, 35km, 3rd Overall Female, 8th Overall

Tanaosri Trail , 20km Night, 2nd Overall Female, 10th Overall

UTCM, 33km, 2nd Overall Female

Amazing Thailand World Mountain & Trail Running Championships 2021, Classic Up & Down 11km (Thai National Team)

Chiangmai Triathlon , Sprint distances, 1st age group, 2nd Overall Female

Songkhla Triathlon 2022, Sprint distances, 2nd Overall Gender

Krabi Triathlon, Sprint distances, 3rd Overall Female, 1st Thai Athlete

PHUKET 21.1, 10.2 km, 2nd Overall Female