Tasty plant protein with powerful nutrients for energy boost, good for health and efficient body recovery 


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Age35 Year

Sports TribesYoga Instructor, Marathoner / Suexphen Running Team

Based InAmnat Charoen, Thailand

Best Races Records

The most memorable race for me was the Osaka Marathon 2019 as I got to visit Japan. It was my firsttime international race witnessing the power of runners from around the world, that was truly inspiring. Not only runners from Osaka participated but also every single person there had a part in it. The proceeds from the event was distributed to develop the city in seven aspects. The symbol of this event was rainbow, implying united diversity -all the supporting crowd, cultural shows, music performances along the course. The race organization was exceptional, with great weather and delicious food. It was the best and most enjoyable event that I have ever participated in.


Favorite Flavour

Original, large size ones.

How I take my X-REAL?

After long run trainings, I take one sachet of X-REAL within 30 minutes.

On rest days, I blend X-REAL with vegetables and fruits to replenish and freshen up my body with essential vitamins and minerals.

On non-running, non-training days, I engage in yoga and have only two meals + one sachet of X-REAL. Its high protein content keeps my stomach and body satisfied and helps me control my fat, sugar, and weight intake comfortably.

Workout Goals

My goal is to maintain a strong and resilient physical and mental health so I can follow my passions, running and yoga, for the rest of my life. When we have energy, we can share more happiness, love, and inspiration with those around us and to the world.

Past Competitions

Amnat Charoen Mini Marathon 2022, 12 KM, No.1 Overall Female

Khon Kaen 2022 10km No.5, Age Group: 35-39

Bang Saen 10 2022, no. 73th King Kong

Bang Saen 42 2021, 2022, no.100th Overall Female

SAT Mukdahan Run to Phu Manorom 2021, 10 km, no. 1 for Age group 30-39

Mukdahan Half Marathon 2021, Kao-pansuk Wing phue Poo-yakrai Run, No. 1 for age group 30-39

Nakornpanom Sa-On Run 2020, 20km, no. 1 for age group 30-39

Yasothon Run 2020 ,10km, No.1 for age group 30-39