Plant-based clean protein not only helps in building lean muscle effectively but also gut-friendly. It aids in recovery from intense workouts and reduces inflammation well with its antioxidants. While everyone's preferences may vary, for me, X-REAL is the perfect answer that fulfills all my needs. 


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Age41 Year

Sports TribesRoad Running, Trail Running, Cycling, now I'm checking obstacle race, it's one of those sports I wanna take seriously.

Based InChiang Mai

Best Races Records

PYT100 2021 that was super fun, I got the third rankings for over all, no. 2 for Female category.
WMTRC : 58th world ranking for short trail running, 2nd Thai female


Favorite Flavour

I love the Original flavor, and prefer large sachets for reducing waste. However, I also enjoy the convenience of the small sachets when joining races.

How I take my X-REAL?

I bring X-REAL with me every time I train for trail running, while stretching after coming down from hills.

For running a distance longer than 40 KMs, I'll drink extra X-REAL before going to bed.

After weight training, I will take X-REAL within 30 minutes along with high-protein and complex carbohydrate food.

Prior to race day, I'll take it during dinner and before going to bed. If it's long distance run races, I will drink one extra sachet of X-REAL during races.

Workout Goals

My life goals are to find happiness in my career as a doctor, pursue my passion for running, and cherish moments with my family.
Fitness Goal: To push myself to the limit, continuously improve, and find happiness in every step of the process and the results it brings.

Past Competitions

CM2 (2020) Female overall

CM4(2021) female overall

TUTMB (2021) 55 km 3rd female over all

PYT100 2021: 2nd Female over all

UTPK 30km : Female Overall

CM3 2022 : 3rd Female

MaeKanin 50km : Female overall

WMTRC : 58th world ranking for short trail running , 2nd Thai female