The first thing I noticed when I first drank X-REAL was how delicious it tasted. I really liked it. And as I started drinking X-REAL more often, I felt an improvement in my workouts. I had more endurance, faster recovery, better skin. Plus, I got the protein I needed from plants without feeling bloated. Overall, it's been amazing. I like the brand's logo, the brand image, plus it's a Thai brand. 


Blog X-REAL Troop


Age25 Year

Sports TribesTrail running, Triathlon, Obstacle Run, Cycling, weight training, and basketball.

Based InChonburi (Sri Racha Tiger Zoo)

Best Races Records

1st Ag Ultra trail KohChange 2020 ( 14 KM ) Time 01:39:31



Favorite Flavour

I liked both, they both tasted great. And the packaging was brilliant, for the 4 box set and single sachet.

How I take my X-REAL?

Rest days - X-REAL consumed after waking up in the morning.

Training days - X-REAL consumed after waking up and immediately after the training.

2 weeks before the race - X-REAL consumed after waking up and throughout the day, including after training sessions.

Race day - X-REAL consumed after waking up in the morning, followed by a slice of bread one hour before the race.

Post-race - X-REAL consumed after the race to replenish energy and promote rapid recovery. Prioritizing X-REAL as the first choice for its quick absorption, it aids in fast recovery.

Workout Goals

My workout goals in life are to build myself up in trail running arena, achieve notable performances in various races. I aim to train myself more extensively to be selected as a representative for trail running from Thailand and to maintain my capabilities as long as possible, while minimizing physical wear and tear.

Past Competitions

1st Ag Ultra trail KohChange 2020 ( 14 KM ) Time 01:39:31

1st Ag Ultra trail KohChange 2022. ( 14 KM) Time. 01:28:45

3rd Ag. The legendary trail Series2022( 25KM) Time 03:20:32

2 Ag Cuesta X Trail 2022 ( 25 KM ) Time 04:18:13

1 Overall Pattana triathlon festival 2022

3 Ag Pattana triathlon festival 2022

4 Overall Peak mountain Ultra & Trail 2022

9 Overall Tanaosri Trail (20KM) Time 03:41:04