Plant-based protein is easy to consume, quickly dissolved, and incredibly delicious. It helps enhance protein intake for efficient body recovery on days of intense trainings. 


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Age39 Year

Sports TribesLong-Distance Running Races

Based InAmnat Charoen, Thailand

Best Races Records

Bangsaen 42 Marathon in 2021, with a time of 3 hours, 24 minutes, and 25 seconds. It was a challenging course, especially considering the hot weather in mid-March. I aspire to continually improve and set new personal bests in every marathon I participate in.


Favorite Flavour

Cocoa, large size ones.

How I take my X-REAL?

After intense Long Run or Tempo workouts, I consume 1 sachet of X-REAL within 30 minutes. I enjoy it blending with various fruits. Sometimes, I like to have it with soy milk. It's all about focusing on concentrated protein intake.

Workout Goals

My lifelong goal is to keep running continuously and participate in marathons around the world.

Past Competitions

2021 SAT Mukdahan Run to Phu Manorom 10km, no. 4 for age group 30-39

2021 Mukdahan Half Marathon Kao-pansuk Wing phue Poo-yakrai Run, No.2 for age group 30-39

2020 Yasothon 10km, No. 1 for age group 30-39

2020 Nakohnpanom Sa-On Run 20km, no.4 for age group 30-39

2019 Nakohnpanom Sa-On Run 20km, no.5 for age group 30-39