Plant-based protein, easy to digest and gentle on the stomach, has been a game-changer for me. After being hospitalised due to digestive issues from consuming dairy-based whey protein, I made the switch to X-REAL. Not only does it meet my nutritional needs, but it also helps anti inflammation and recovery fast, reducing the risk of injuries. 


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Age26 Year

Sports TribesRoad running, Trail Running

Based InBang Na, Bangkok

Best Races Records

Marines Marathon Every Year : This is where I have unlocked myself to reach for new PBs, Half-marathon every time on this challenging uphill course.
Bangsaen21: 2019, 2020: top 100 with 1.26-hour finishes for both years.
Chombueng Marathon: Achieved new PBs in every full marathon attempt.


Favorite Flavour

Original flavor coz' It's not overly sweet so it's easy to drink. Plus, the sachet packaging makes it so convenient to carry it on the go, wherever I go.

How I take my X-REAL?

1 Sachet mixed with 400 ml cold water, consume after intense training days such as on Tempo, interval, long run training days.

And drink after each race finishes for fast recovery.

Workout Goals

I just want to enjoy running like this as long as I can. For the ultimate workout goals, for now is I can do full marathon sub 3 (current pace 3.10)

Past Competitions

Siam premium outlets 2022 21km No.2 AG

Klong Ma duae Trail 2022 25km No.2 AG

Khao Koh Ultra Trail 2022 48km No.1 AG

Columbia trail masters 2022 50km No.4 AG

Bangna run 2022 5km No.3 overall

Nongchok 21km 2022 No.4 AG

Bangsaen10 5km 2022 No.15 AG

Khao Pratub Chang Trail 2022 27km No.2 AG

Khao Yai Tiang Trail 2022 30km No.1 AG

Tha Ruea Mini Marathon 2022 10km No.3 AG

Cu sci happy run 2023 10km No.5 AG

Chombueng marathon 2023 42km No.3 AG

Koh larn trail 2023 21km No.2 AG

Marines marathon 2023 21km No.2 AG